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An online barre teacher training unlike any other.

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Calling all yogis, dancers, and fitness lovers! We’ve partnered with Adrienne Rabena to bring Barre Eclipse Teacher Training to Bala Yoga Fremont in Seattle, Washington!


Are you ready to take your teaching to the next level and inspire your community with empowering strength?


This unrivaled 5-week barre instructor training program offers it all:

self-paced online course material

five weekly group meet-ups & practice teaching 

↠ a weekend immersion with Adrienne to solidify your knowledge

four months to soak in the course material

This is the only course you need to teach the best barre classes in Seattle, and we feel confident that this training can put you in the spotlight of your community as an exceptional barre instructor.

DATES: July 11 - August 22, 2021 



$495 due at sign up

Price includes 4-month access to online course, entry to weekly meet-ups (5), entry to weekend immersion, and NASM/AFAA certification

**full tuition due by the first day of training

*Note: the immersion is only a review of the online Barre Eclipse teacher training course. This special weekend with three Masterclasses taught by Adrienne Rabena is open to the public but does not include access to course materials or Barre Eclipse teacher certification.


↠ Gain a high-level overview of the Barre Eclipse Method with creators Adrienne & Eric Rabena

↠ Dive into the underlying mechanics of a feel-good, music-driven barre class that keeps students coming back

↠ Discuss how to succeed as a barre instructor at local studios & online

Barre Teacher Training

Barre Eclipse

Teacher Training

Bala Yoga Fremont - Seattle WA

July 11 - August 22, 2021


Musical &


Discover a new relationship with music. Build bomb playlists. Learn how to use your voice and your songs to keep students engaged the entire class.


Holistic & 

Hone your barre skills with our unique sequence methodology. Create workouts that are consistently difficult, yet sustainable and well-balanced. 


Intentional & 

Arm yourself with quick-witted anatomical knowledge. Empower your students to develop greater body awareness. Lead safe and effective workouts. 


Sunday July 11, 2021

Course opens: Access to online Barre Eclipse teacher training

Wednesday July 21, 2021

Meet-up to go over week 1 course materials

Wednesday July 28, 2021

Meet-up to go over week 2 course materials

Wednesday August 4, 2021

Meet-up to go over week 3 course materials

Wednesday August 11, 2021

Meet-up to go over week 4 course materials

Wednesday August 18, 2021

Meet-up to go over week 5 course materials

Weekend Immersion August 20-22, 2021

Meet-up for Masterclass with Adrienne to refine your Barre

Eclipse skills

Weekend Immersion Times
Friday 4pm-7pm; Saturday 9:00am-6pm; Sunday 9:00am-6pm


↠ Morning: Barre Eclipse Class & Guided Class Reflection

↠ Afternoon: Barre Eclipse Method Review & Theory

↠ Late-Afternoon/Evening: Practice Teaching

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